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Museum of Medieval Stockholm

Local name: Stockholms medeltidsmuseum

Museum of Medieval Stockholm located in the historical district of Gamla stan. Built around the former remains of the Swedish capital, it presents collections that illustrate the former appearance of the city. The museum is completely underground, and one of the most interesting exhibits is a warship from 1520.

Visitors can see in the museum a reconstructed medieval city with a port, stocky walls and a cemetery, as well as an original 55-meter long fragment of the city wall from the 16th century. Exhibitions located in the facility are the result of archaeological discoveries that were made during excavations in the years 1978 - 1980. The exhibition will not lack the presentation of the lives of the inhabitants of former Stockholm in a modern, multimedia form. Secret seekers should try their hand to find the secret tunnel to the castle.


Attractions inside

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    Strömparrterren 3111 30 Stockholm , Sweden