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Nobel Museum

Local name: Nobelmuseet

A museum dedicated to the Nobel Prize, its founder and winners, from 1901 up to modern times. The facility was opened in 2001 in an 18th century building in the central part of Stockholm. Permanent and temporary exhibitions, as well as theater plays and film screenings are organized here.

The exhibitions at the museum focus on natural sciences and culture, inspiring to interactively and creatively expand your knowledge and explore the world. Visitors can see presentations of the achievements of over 900 Nobel Prize winners, often in a surprising form. The personal exhibits given by the winners often contain funny anecdotes about their lives.

It is worth paying attention to the chairs at Bistro Nobel, a restaurant belonging to the museum. When we turn them upside down, we can discover the authentic signature of one of the scientific figures. This custom was initiated by the President of the United States Bill Clinton.


Attractions inside

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    Stortorget 210316 Stockholm , Sweden