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The German church

Local name: Tyska kyrkan

German church located in Gamla stan, the historic district of Stockholm. It is a Lutheran temple, a Protestant religion, built between 1638 and 1642 as a result of German influence in Sweden. Has the status of a religious monument. An example of a neo-Gothic building with a baroque interior.

The history of the creation of the church dates back to the Middle Ages: from the 13th century Germans settled in Stockholm, primarily merchants and craftsmen, creating guilds in the city center. It was mainly thanks to Jan III Vasa that the first German parish was established here outside Germany, whose center was just Tyska kyrkan. The official patron of the building is Saint Gertrude.

Inside, we can admire the historic royal gallery from 1672 or the ebony-alabaster pulpit from 1660. The main altar is a work of art from the 17th century.


Attractions inside

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    Svartmangatan 16111 29 Stockholm , Sweden