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Local name: Storkyrkan

The church Nicholas in the center of Stockholm also called the Stockholm Cathedral. The first mention of this Lutheran temple dates back to 1279, making it the oldest church in the Gamla stan district. It is an example of Swedish brick Gothic. Inside it all the court ceremonies take place. It also has the status of a religious monument.

The temple was not only founded on the initiative of Jarl Birger, who is considered the founder of the city, but also according to legend was built by him. Initially, a tiny parish church stood here, which was promoted to the role of a Protestant Lutheran church in 1527.

Storkyrkan is located near most of the important buildings of the Swedish capital: the Stockholm Palace, the Swedish Academy or the Nobel Museum. In contrast, the interior hides several works of art, including the Last Judgment (painting from 1696, an unknown author) or a sculpture of Saint George fighting a dragon (from 1489, by Bernt Notke).


Attractions inside

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    Trångsund 1111 29 Stockholm , Sweden