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St. John's Church

Local name: St Johannes kyrka

Saint John's Church in Stockholm, a Protestant religion, located in the Norrmalm district. The neo-Gothic building on the hill dates back to the 19th century, and the author of the design is architect Carl Möller. The object is on the list of religious monuments.

Initially, in the place of the present church there was a wooden cemetery chapel erected in 1651 for the needs of the then small parish. It was not until later, as the Stockholm community grew, plans were built to build a stone church here. The neo-Gothic style was chosen, and only the old belfry remains after the former chapel, which can be found a short distance from the church of St. John.

St Johannes kyrka is an Evangelical-Lutheran temple within the larger organizational unit called the Cathedral Contract. Since 1978, the Polish Catholic Mission in Stockholm has been renting this facility for the purpose of celebrating Catholic masses in Polish.


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