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Royal garden

Local name: Kungsträdgården

Royal Gardens in the center of Stockholm, in the Norrmalm district, considered one of the oldest parks in the capital of Sweden. The beauty of this place is related to the blossoming flowers of Japanese cherry, unmatched in this part of Europe. The garden is surrounded by numerous cafes, in the summer there are concerts here, and in the winter there is an ice rink.

Formerly a park at the palace of Makalos, erected in the years 1635-1643, closed to the public. After the fire of the building in 1825, the Royal Gardens under the care of the city of Stockholm and today are a popular tourist attraction. In addition to the exceptional cherry trees mentioned here, you can admire here Molina fountain from 1866 or Volodars fountain.

An interesting point about this place is the "Battle of the Bind", which took place on 12 and 13 May 1871. At that time, people tied the chains to old, about 400-year-old elms to protect the flora of the park from the collapse that would occur when building a new subway station.


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