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Hallwyl Museum

Local name: Hallwylska museet

The national museum of Sweden, located in the historic Hallwyl House in central Stockholm. Formerly belonging to the count and countess von Hallwyl, today it is looked after by the state. Inside, we find rooms from the Victorian period showing the life of the nobility at that time. The Hallwyl collection contains approximately 50,000 objects.

The official opening took place in 1938, although the building itself was created in the years 1893-1898 from the design of the most famous architect of those years: Isak Gustaf Clason. Walther and Wilhelmina von Hallwyl owners only lived here in the winter. The main function of the building was to store the countess's art collection, which multiplied it during its many years of travels around the world with the nascent intention of creating a museum. The Hallwyl House prepared in this way was given to the Swedish state and soon made available to the public.


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