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Army Museum

Local name: Armémuseum

Stockholm Army Museum, founded in 1877, reopened in 2002 in the historic arsenal building. The themes of the exhibitions include military history. Tourists can admire war trophies, exhibitions of weapons or monuments looted by the Swedes during the wars, including from Poland. Winner of the title of the best museum in Stockholm in 2005.

The museum was divided into three parts: modern times, the first half of the 20th century and the history of the Swedish wars. Some exhibitions are interactive and multimedia, and tourists can enter selected vehicles or dress up in military clothes. The museum is full of reconstructions. We will find life-size mannequins as well as miniature armies. Also noteworthy is the copy of Enigma or objects originating in Poland: the Polish riding banner with a white eagle from the end of the 16th century, banners of Polish kings, a cannon with the Polish coat of arms or a Turkish tent captured by Jan III Sobieski.


Attractions inside

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    Riddargatan 13114 51 Stockholm , Sweden