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number 29 in the city


Local name: Kaknästornet

The Kaknäs tower is a television tower, which is also a viewpoint. 155 meters high it held the title of the tallest building in Scandinavia for some time. Designed by Hans Borgström and Bengt Lindroos, it was built in 1967. Here you will find restaurants, souvenir shops and numerous viewing platforms.

The tower owes its name to the medieval town of Kaknäs, which was once located in today's Stockholm. Since its construction in 1967, for several years Kaknästornet was the tallest building in Scandinavia, while in 1971 it lost this title in favor of the Näsinneula watchtower in Finland. We reach the 30th floor of the building by elevator and we can admire the panorama of the Swedish capital by walking on the terrace or drinking coffee in a local cafe.


Attractions inside

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