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The Nordic Museum

Local name: Nordiska museet

Nordic Museum. Founded in 1873 on the initiative of Artur Hazelius, to document the history of Swedish culture from 1520 up to the present day. The Nordic Museum stands out for its vast collection of over 1,500,000 exhibits, and the collection is constantly being added.

The present building, opened in 1907, is the work of Isak Gustafa Clasona. We can admire the Scandinavian and Ethnographic collections available at permanent and current exhibitions. Among the exhibits we will find bread from the bark, folk art pieces, the Lapidian ritual drum, even Barbie dolls and IKEA furniture.

The museum was created to save the disappearing folk culture, and today it has become the largest institution of its kind in Sweden. Artur Hazelius's motto was the words "know yourself", which he confirmed in his works: in addition to the Nordic Museum, he also founded the first Swedish open-air museum.


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