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Knight Holm Church

Local name: Riddarholmskyrkan

The church on Riddarholmen is a Lutheran temple, located in the very center of Stockholm in the Gamla stan district. It has the status of a religious monument and has unique significance: it is the burial place of Swedish rulers. It is one of the oldest buildings in Stockholm and its history dates back to the 13th century.

From the thirteenth century there was a monastery of the Franciscan abbey, which was then expanded for centuries until it gained its present appearance. It was put into service in its present state in 1807 thanks to the founder Magnus Ladulås, King of Sweden in the years 1275-1290. By the church there are tomb chapels from the 16th century, each of which is dedicated to a different dynasty. In the crypts located in the underground, almost all Swedish rulers rest, from Gustav II Adolf to Gustav V.

The church neo-Gothic tower is one of the highest points in central Stockholm. 85 meters high, it was built in the place of the previous one, which burned down completely in 1835.


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