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Rosendal Palace

Local name: Rosendals slott

The Royal Pavilion, which we can admire on the island of Djurgården in the center of Stockholm. Created as the summer residence of King Charles XIV Jan, it was to be a stepping stone from official court life. Visitors can feel the atmosphere of the nineteenth century at Rosendal Palace and discover the beauty of late European Classicism.

Today's Rosendals slott was designed by one of the most popular architects of the early nineteenth century: Fredrik Blom. Built in 1823-1827, it replaced the previous building, which burned down in 1819. It has survived virtually intact to this day, which makes the building a unique documentation of the European empirical style, in Sweden called the style of Charles Jan. From 1907, this place functions as a museum commemorating the times of the Swedish ruler.


Attractions inside

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