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Great Square

Local name: Stortorget

The main square in Stockholm with picturesque tenements. The well in the middle of the square from 1778 is considered the symbolic heart of the city. At Stortorget there are The Nobel Foundation Museum, the Swedish Academy building and the oldest temple in the Swedish capital: the church of St. Nicholas from the 12th century, in which the coronations of Swedish rulers took place.

In the Middle Ages there was a market here, meetings of city councilors and rallies of residents took place. The market square was also used to serve punishments: stocks and a pillory called kåken were waiting for convicts. And although today the main square is dazzling with colors, there is a bloody history associated with it: in November 1520, a bloody Stockholm bath took place here, during which, thanks to the King of Denmark Christian II, eighty-two Swedish noblemen lost their lives. The unlawful invader was soon dethroned during the uprising, and Gustaw I Waza became the new ruler.


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