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Local name: Humlegården

The main park is located in the Östermalm district of Stockholm. It belongs to the Swedish National Library. In Humlegården there is a monument of Karol Linnaeus, a Swedish naturalist and doctor, professor at Uppsala University, erected in 1885.

Initially, Humlegården was the Royal Fruit Garden, founded in the 16th century by King Jan III Vasa. The park's name comes from hops, which is the main plant growing here at that time. The monument to Charles Linnaeus is in the center of Humlegården for a reason: he created a classification system for organisms, including plants.

In the garden there was once a rotunda created by Queen Ulryka Eleonora Danish, and the place itself was visited only by the royal family. Today it is a public park with lawns, playgrounds or even a small soccer field.


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