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St. Mary Magdalene Church

Local name: S:ta Maria Magdalena kyrka

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Saint Mary Magdalene in central Stockholm, belonging to the Church of Sweden, located in the Södermalm district at the corner of Hornsgatan and Bellmansgatan streets. It dates from the 16th century, which makes it the oldest religious building in Södermalm. It has the status of a sacred monument.

In the place of today's church there used to be a chapel of Saint Mary Magdalene. In 1588, the construction of the present building began, and it was completed only in 1625. The construction supervisor and author of the project was Nicodemus Tessin the Elder, known to us today for architectural gems such as the Royal Academy building or the Gothenburg City Hall. The present appearance of the church is due to Carl Johan Cronstedt, who restored the building after a huge fire in 1759, giving the interior a rococo character.

There is a cemetery next to the church, which is the resting place of prominent Swedish personalities such as Erik Johan Stagnelius and Johan Runius.


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