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Drottningholm Castle Gardens

Local name: Drottningholms slott park

The park around the royal residence of Drottningholm (on the UNESCO World Heritage List) is divided into two parts. One of them represents the style of French Baroque, decorative bronze sculptures by Dutch sculptor Adrian de Vries were placed along the alleys. The second part was arranged in the English style, extensive lawns were cut with water canals, wooden bridges were built over them.

The first gardens, in the Baroque style, were created at the end of the 16th century at the initiative of Queen Jadwiga Eleonora. The English gardens were founded during the reign of Gustav III. Marble statues were brought from Italy by the king. At that time, sheep were grazing on the lawns in front of the palace, guarded by a shepherd.

The royal residence Drottningholm is located in the suburbs of Stockholm, it was built in the 17th century. To this day, the eighteenth-century theater has survived, its building houses the headquarters of the museum. Some of the palace rooms can be visited.


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