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China Pavilion

Local name: Kina Slott

The Chinese Pavilion (Cinema Slott) is part of the palace complex in the Swedish town of Ekerö. It dates from the 1860s and was built according to the design of Carl Fredrik Adelcrantz. It is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The building was built in the French Rococo style, which referred to the motifs of Oriental art. References to Chinese ornamentation are visible primarily in the building's facade, the interior has been decorated in the European style, although they are also decorated with objects imported from China. clay figurines and porcelain dolls.

The first Chinese pavilion was built here in 1753, ordered by King Adolf Frederick as a birthday present for his wife, Queen Ludwika Ulryka Hohenzollern. It was built of wood, but the poorly protected material did not last long in the Swedish climate.


Attractions inside

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