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number 8 in the city


Local name: Terrasstrapporna

Terrasstrapporna is a historic terrace staircase connecting Stortorget, Helsingborg's oldest city square, with the Kärnan Castle Tower. They were built in the years 1899-1903 according to the design of the Swedish architect Gustaf Améen. Directly above the stairs is Slottshagen Park, where the inauguration of the stairs took place in 1903, as well as the Industry and Handicraft Exhibition.

The staircase consists of two parts. The lower one is made of granite and is decorated in a Neo-Baroque style, while the upper one uses bricks produced by the local Helsingborgs Ångtegelbruk AB brick factory. The upper part of the stairs, consisting of two massive towers, has a more strict character, reminiscent of the medieval style.

There is a Terrace Elevator in the northern stair tower. It takes you to the viewing point located at a height of 33 m. The first elevator was installed here in 1909, and the current mechanism is the third in 1990.


Attractions inside

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