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Helsingborg is a city on the Øresund Strait located in front of the Danish Helsingør. It is the summer residence of the kings of Sweden, and the city has retained its historic atmosphere and buildings.

The history of Helsingborg dates back to the 11th century, when the local city was founded by the kings of Denmark. The narrow Øresund Strait and the castles on its two sides were a great place to collect duty, which enriched the Danish treasury and contributed to the development of the city. From the medieval fortress of Kärnan, only the tower remains, which is a characteristic element of the landscape.

The main attraction of Helsingborg is Sofiero Castle, the summer residence of the kings of Sweden. Some of its rooms are open to the public and one of the best restaurants in the country also operates here. The Sofiero Castle Garden stretches around and is a popular place for walks and picnics.

The city center has preserved historic buildings, cobbled streets and tenement houses from various periods. It flows smoothly into the waterfront where there are plenty of restaurants and bars. Above the buildings, you can see the tower of St. Mary's Church, built in the 14th century and currently used by the Evangelical community. Outside the center, there is a small open-air museum called Fredriksdal, where you can see how the inhabitants of Skåne lived in the past.

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