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Salzburg is an alpine city associated primarily with the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the place of his birth. Thanks to numerous music, theater and dance festivals and events here, it is one of the most important cultural centers in Europe. The preserved, magnificent Baroque architecture, in turn, made the historic center on the UNESCO list.

Salzburg is famous for one of the most "musical" cities in Europe. It was here, on the picturesque street Getreidegasse, that one of the greatest composers of all time, Mozart, was born in 1756. Today, a museum operates in his house, and the most famous Mozart festival in the world is held in his house. Mozart is ubiquitous here. He looks from the packaging of chocolates, liqueurs, cups, portraits and other items sold in souvenir shops, and his music oozes from the loudspeakers of many cafes.

The historic center of Salzburg is built mainly in the baroque style. Among them are the baroque cathedral, in which Mozart was baptized, the Residence of Archbishops, the monastery of St. Peter, being the oldest Benedictine monastery in Austria and deriving its history from the 7th century and surrounded by magnificent, geometric gardens Mirabell Palace. Above the buildings of the center rises the Gothic fortress of Hohensalzburg, which is one of the largest medieval strongholds in Europe today.

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