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Salzburg Museum

Local name: Salzburg Museum

The Salzburg Museum has six locations, but its headquarters is Neue Residenz, or New Residence. We will see two permanent exhibitions here. The "Myth of Salzburg" exhibition presents the history of this city in a unique way. The second exhibition, "Salzburg, city of music" is somehow a supplement to the first and includes a collection of antique musical instruments.

The Salzburg Museum has an underground corridor connecting them to the Panorama Museum. In this corridor visitors are presented with archaeological excavations from the New Residence, as well as models of the city.

The history of the museum itself is long and has its origins in 1834, when a small collection of memorabilia from the Napoleonic Wars was put on public display. Until World War II, the collection was growing, and the thematic scope of the exhibits was expanding. In 2005, the museum moved to a renovated and adapted New Residence.


Attractions inside

    Salzburg Museum map
    Mozartplatz 15020 Salzburg , Austria