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St. Peter Church

Local name: Stiftskirche Sankt Peter

Monastery of saint Peter's in Salzburg is the oldest continuously existing monastery in German-speaking territories. It is also the seat of the oldest Austrian library, which collects about 800 manuscripts. The most valuable monument in the archive is a book from the 8th century on the subject of medieval orders, under the title Verbrüderungsbuch.

The monastery complex also includes a cemetery and a church representing the Romanesque style, built in the 12th century. There is also a restaurant in the monastery, whose history dates back to the eighth century, when it was supposed to host Charlemagne. That is why it is considered the oldest restaurant in Central Europe.

The monastery belongs to the Benedictine order and currently houses about 20 monks. It was founded in 696 by St. Rupert as part of his missionary journey. The monastery was built on the site of a pre-existing church from the late antiquity period.


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