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number 10 in the city


Local name: Residenzplatz

Residential Square is the main square in Salzburg, and owes its name to the adjoining Residence of the Archbishops of Salzburg. The cathedral and the so-called New Residence. In the center of the square is a stone fountain from the mid-seventeenth century depicting a triton. It is considered the largest baroque fountain in Central Europe.

This square is used to organize various cyclical events, such as the annual Christmas Market or Christmas Market on St. Rupert. In the summer, outdoor film screenings are held here. Concerts and other events are also organized here.

The history of the square dates back to 1587. Earlier there was a cemetery and several private houses that were demolished to make room for the square. It was created on the initiative of Archbishop Wolf Dietrich Raitenau. The original name of the square is Hauptplatz, meaning "main square".


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    Residenzplatz 5020 Salzburg , Austria