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The Eagle's Nest

Local name: Das Kehlsteinhaus

Located inside: Eagels Nest summit

The Eagle's Nest (Eagle Nest) is a tea room existing since 1938 on the summit of the rocky mountain Kehlstein in the Berchtesgaden Alps. The ridge of the mountain is about 600 meters long and 1834 meters high. The residence was the NSDAP's birthday present for the 50th birthday of Adolf Hitler and used only by members of the Nazi party for government and social gatherings. Today, the former seat of the Chancellor of the Third Reich is open seasonally as a restaurant and historical information center. The windows of the tea room offer an amazing view of the surrounding area.

Adolf Hitler visited Kehlsteinhaus fourteen times - according to documented cases. He did not like this place because of the fear of heights, the risk of bad weather, rapid changes in atmospheric pressure, temperature fluctuations and dry air.

During the war, the facility was not damaged, and until 1960 it was used by American soldiers as a telecommunications facility, and then returned to the Bavarian authorities.


Attractions inside

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    83471 Berchtesgaden , Germany