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Berchtesgaden is a holiday resort and ski resort in the Bavarian Alps. It has nicely preserved historic buildings, with houses whose external walls are decorated with colorful paintings, and with a castle and several interesting churches. There are many hiking trails in the area. Interesting for history lovers are places related to Hitler's Residence located here during the war.

The town lies in an alpine valley, surrounded by peaks exceeding 2500 m above sea level. The most famous of them are Watzmann, Hichkalter and Hoher Goll, which are led by hiking and climbing routes. During the Third Reich, the Eagle Nest, 1834 m above sea level, became famous, where a teahouse was built in 1938. The building was a gift from NSDAP for Hitler's 50th birthday. To this day, it is a seasonal restaurant and cafe.

There are other souvenirs associated with the Third Reich in the area. In the former Hitler's Residence, the Obersalzberg Documentation Center now operates, where you can see an exhibition on the history of the Nazi movement. The complex also includes the Hotel zum Türken, built in Tyrolean style.

The town of Berchtesgaden itself boasts a long history and interesting buildings. The oldest 16th-century Berchtesgaden salt mine in Germany operates here, some of which is open to tourists. In the city you can also see the Berchtesgaden Castle together with the picturesque Castle Square, surrounded by tenements with colorful facades, the market square and several historic churches: the Church of St. Andrew, Franciscan church, church of St. Peter and John the Baptist, as well as the Kirchleitn chapel on a small hill.

The surroundings of Berchtesgaden are an ideal place for active tourism. In winter, there are quite a few ski slopes here, including the family resort Roßfeld Ski Lift. Watzmann Baths have a wide range of recreational activities, offering bathing in thermal mineral waters. The Obersalzberg Railway is also very popular. At the top there is a summer toboggan run, and in winter the upper station of the ski resort. There are also many hiking trails that you can wander through the surrounding mountains.

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