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Castle of St. Francis

Local name: Franziskischlössl Salzburg

The Castle of Francis in Salzburg is located on the top of the so-called Capuchin Hill and is characterized by a relatively small size. The area around the castle is ideal for walking and hiking. In the castle itself there is a restaurant serving traditional Austrian cuisine. This restaurant has been around almost continuously since 1849.

The castle was part of the fortifications and city walls of the seventeenth century that surrounded Salzburg. The fortifications arose on the initiative of Archbishop Paris Lodron, who at the beginning of the Thirty Years' War realized that Salzburg was practically defenseless. The result was fortifications so solid that Salzburg was never attacked until the Napoleonic Wars. The building was named in honor of Saint Francis.

Later, the castle was used to organize hunting, and then was inhabited by retired military personnel. To this day, a significant part of the defensive walls has not survived, because they were demolished in the nineteenth century.


Attractions inside

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