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Lublin, because of its location on the border of the East and the West, was one of the most important cities in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth during the Jagiellonian era. Inhabited by Poles, Jews, Tatars, Armenians and Ruthenians, the city was a cultural melting-pot. Later Lublin became a well-known center of Hasidism focused around Jakub Icchak Horowic - "Seer of Lublin", and thanks to the renowned College of the Wise Men, the city became known as the "Jewish Oxford". Today it is the largest city east of the Vistula river and an important scientific and cultural center.

The capital of eastern Poland is a city with an unusual local colour. The romantic streets and mysterious alleys with the late Renaissance churches and intricately decorated tenements create a unique atmosphere of the city. There are interesting thematic routes connected, among others, with the Union of Lublin, well-known Lublin inhabitants and the history of the Jewish community. The oldest part of the city with an exceptionally valuable architectural and urban layout has been recognized as a Historic Monuments. As the place where the famous Union was concluded, Lublin was awarded the prestigious European Heritage Label.

Fara Square, the Crown Tribunal, the Trinitarian Tower, the Archcathedral, the Basilica of the Dominicans and the castle with the medieval Chapel of the Holy Trinity, are just some of the places worth visiting. The city trip should also include a visit to the Lublin Vaults, the idyllic Museum of the Lublin Countryside, the "Grodzka Gate - NN Theater" Center and the Museum at Majdanek. Noteworthy are numerous cultural events taking place in the city, such as the Jagiellonian Fair and the Carnival of Magicians.

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