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Jeszywas Chachmej

Local name: Jeszywas Chachmej

The synagogue located in the Jeszywas Chachmej building is at the same time an active place of prayer for the Jewish community and the Lublin Jews Memory Chamber. The interior of the house of prayer located on two floors was faithfully reconstructed between 2003 and 2007, and in the collections one can see many valuable religious artifacts.

The prayer room is located in one of the rooms on the ground floor. In several adjacent rooms one can see numerous exhibits documenting the story of the yeshiva and commemorating the figure of Rabbi Majer Szapira. For many years, the synagogue was a meeting place for Lublin Jews, it functioned as a private house of prayer since 1889.

Large figures stayed in its interior, including Rabbi Majer Szapira, founder of the Lublin School of the Sages, as well as Moshe Ajzenberg and Dawid Muszkatblit, who conducted famous Talmudic lectures.

The synagogue was very lucky during the Second World War, because its location outside the Jewish ghetto protected it from destruction. The building served the Germans as a hospital. In 1945, the building was managed by the Medical Academy. The building returned to the Jewish Religious Community in 2003 and it was then decided to reconstruct the interior.


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