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Lublin Market Square

Local name: Rynek w Lublinie

The irregularly shaped square is the beginning of six streets, surrounded by numerous historic tenements, the oldest of which are 400 years old. The center occupies the historic building of the Crown Tribunal, today performing the role of the Wedding Palace. The Lublin market is atypical due to its characteristic trapezoidal shape. This is the effect of locating the square adjacent to the ramparts, which forced such a setting of buildings and the location of streets.

Irregular space is reduced by the dominant shape of the Crown Tribunal, around which historic tenements are located. Some of the houses are from the sixteenth century, and among the most interesting are the tenement houses Klonowiców, Chociszewska, Lubomelskich, Konopniców, Wieniawskich, pod Lwem and tenement of the Musicians. The current market architecture is the result of the rebuilding after the great fire that took place in Lublin in 1575. New and much larger, because occupying two plots each, the brick houses, replaced the old wooden buildings. Most of the buildings have original elements of construction, such as portals, attics or family armorial bearings.


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