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Lublin Underground Tourist Route

Local name: Lubelska Trasa Podziemna

The Lublin Underground Route, 280 meters long, connects the Old Town cellars lying under the Market Square and historic tenements. In the underground labyrinth, you can see mock-ups of the city from the eighth to the seventeenth century. The culmination of the trip is the visualization of the fire from 1719.

On selected days of the week the tour is enriched by stage productions. The Lublin cellars under the city have existed since the sixteenth century, and their old stone walls create a unique atmosphere of the labyrinth. Individual rooms were connected by specially made corridors, thanks to which one long maze was created.

Watching the local mock-ups you can see how the city has evolved over a thousand years. The movable, enriched with light and sound mock-up showing the great city fire in the 18th century is particularly attractive.

The attractiveness of the expedition through the historic corridors is enhanced by the productions organized once a week, presenting two very well-known legends related to Lublin. These include "The Lublin stories of a wandering old man", during which you can listen to interesting stories with the music.

Tours are organized at specific times, advance booking is recommended.


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