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Lublin Archcathedral

Local name: Archikatedra Lubelska

Baroque Saint John the Baptist Cathedral hides many treasures, among which the main altar from the 17th century deserves attention. It is made of black Lebanese pear tree wood with a golden inscription. Alongside the altar there are two religious paintings from 17th century.

Acoustic sacristy of this place is very unique, the design of it has been considered in such way that it would recapture the slightest whisper. In the sacristy are exibited treasures of the temple which have been saved from the fire, including brown baptismal bowl from 14th century, from the demolished parish church of Saint Michael, and a copy of the Shroud of Turin.

In the cathedral you can also see the side chapels with cupolas, polychromes by Czech painter Joseph Meyer, the famous painting of Our Lady of Tears in the side altar, choir with pipe organ casing, gravestone of Martin Leśniowolski from the 17th century.

The current appearance of the temple is the result of its reconstruction after a fire in 1752. The participation in the creation of the new builidng was given to priest Francis Kozminski, who implemented additional arches to a single-nave church. The arches were designed to support ceiling that had been damaged by the fire. Also on his initiative acoustic sacristy has been created, which uses special curvatures of the ceiling to carry the sound from one end to the other.


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