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Cracow Gate

Local name: Brama Krakowska

The Cracow Gate, restored in the middle of the previous century, is the headquarters of the Lublin Museum at the present time. In its interior you can see an exhibition dedicated to the history of the city in the period from the 6th century to 1944. The collection includes archaeological and iconographic monuments, craft products, prints and documents, and many other exhibits. On the last floor there is a viewpoint, where you can admire the panorama of the city. The viewpoint is located at an altitude of 33 m.

The fundamental construction of the Cracow Gate dates back to the 14th century, while the building itself is an element of the first city walls, providing the entry into the former Lublin. Its nave was connected with the route from Cracow to Vilnius that had been passing this way. The superstructured baroque tower is the result of the development in 16th century. Besides the function of passage in the past, the tower of the gate served as an vantage point for the fire brigade, and the place where the municipal bugle-call was played. At the top there is a clock that in the past was operated by the watchmaker who lived in the gate.


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