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Lublin Castle Tower

Local name: Baszta Donżon

Located inside: Lublin Castle

The round defense tower that belongs to the Lublin Castle has a narrow staircase inside, with spiral stairs leading to the top of the tower, to the observation deck, which is located there. A beautiful panorama of Lublin can be seen from the platform.

The walls of staircase, that are 3.4 m thick, are made of quarried stone, and bricks are diversified only with few skylights. The diameter of the tower is 15 m, and its construction consists of four floors. On the second floor you can see a biforium, a double-arched window.

The tower was built in the Middle Ages, probably at the end of the 13th century or at the beginning of the 14th century, and its Romanesque style makes it the only such unique monument of Lublin.

The battlements, crowning the construction, come from the 19th century, when the tower was a part of the walls of the emergent prison. Then, a minor turret on the roof was built. In the past, a donjon of the castle performed defense and housing functions, strengthening the protection of the city and effectively preventing access to it.


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