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Magic Gardens

Local name: Magiczne Ogrody

Magic Gardens is the first theme park in Poland, which presents fairy tale stories. Facility has a sensory character, which means, that it affects all senses and stimulates the imagination and creativity of children. In 2015 it was considered the best polish touristic product. There are magical creatures, as well as slides, trampolines and castles.

There are also many trees, bushes and flowers. Moreover, streams and waterfalls flow here. In this green area consistent lands were created, which are inhabited by fairytale and legendary beings. One can meet Dragons, Fairys, Magic Birds, Robanki, Bulwiaki and brave Dwarfs.

Additional attractions are a cable car ride and sailing on a pond with the raft. For young scientists there are stands, where they can perform water experiments.



Magic Gardens map
Trzcianki 9224-123 Trzcianki, Poland