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Polesie National Park

Local name: Poleski Park Narodowy

In the Polesie National Park visitors can see all of the typical swamp ecosystems. There are numerous bogs, swamps, karst lakes, and ponds. In the park grow about one thousand vascular plants and live many species of animals. Several trails, bicycle and horse-riding routes have been prearranged for visitors. An interesting attraction is the Protection Centre for the European Pond Turtle.

The abundant vegetation in the park is very diverse. Most of the species are representatives of the northern flora, including the shrubby birch and the downy willow. In addition, visitors can admire there the English sundew or bog-sedge. Almost 300 species of animals live in the park. The fauna consist of invertebrates, fish, amphibians, as well as mammals. There are numerous frogs and rodents inhabiting the area, while rare species of ants, muskrat, and European water vole are very unique.

The Protection Centre for the European Pond Turtle located in the Park takes care for the incubation of turtle eggs, from which the young ones have not managed to hatch before winter, as well as their care during the winter period.

All specimens are properly fed there and individually marked, and in the spring they are released into the wild.


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