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Lake Białe

Local name: Jezioro Białe

Lake Białe lies in the vicinity of the village of Okuninka, in the eastern part of the Łęczyńsko-Włodawska Plain, within the basin of the Tarasienka, Włodawka, Bug, Narew Wisła rivers. Nevertheless, it is a reservoir with no tributaries. The lake is 1.6 km long at its longest point, and 600 m at its widest point. Its average depth is 14 m, but at its deepest point it is 33 m.

There are over 80 holiday resorts and 15 campsites around the lake. There is also a shopping and service center with eateries and shops on the northern shore. From the south, there are the Sobiborskie Forests, which are part of the Polesie Protected Landscape Area.

Due to the hard, sandy bottom and narrow shore, Lake Białe is surrounded by scarce vegetation. Only in the north-west and west parts of the reservoir there are rushes consisting of a narrow-leaved cattail, reed and bulrush


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