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Chełm Chalk Tunnels

Local name: Chełmskie Podziemia Kredowe

Located under part of old Chełmno, the Chalk Underground is nothing more than the excavations of the former writing chalk mine. An illuminated 2 km tourist route has been prepared for sightseeing, and approximately 50 minutes have to be spent on sightseeing. The underground corridors have a low temperature, around + 9 ° C, so proper clothing is important.

On the tourist route there is a section of the mine with unique forms of Cretaceous karst and the relief of an eagle, and in individual corridors you can also see interesting archaeological and mining exhibitions. The trip is varied with stylized bats and spiders and the ghost of Bieluch.

During the tour, each participant of the expedition is equipped with a helmet and lamp. The route in the former mine runs under the streets of Chełmska Starówka. The guided fragment of the corridors is only a small part of the original mine, because the entire maze is several dozen kilometers long, and some of the corridors are still undiscovered.

During the archeological works carried out here, examples of ancient weapons, utility items, coins and tools were found, as well as the shaft of an old city well was discovered.


Attractions inside

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