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Museum of the Former Sobibór Nazi Death Camp

Local name: Muzeum Byłego Obozu Zagłady w Sobiborze

The museum in Sobibór is located in the former Nazi Death Camp. It presents the permanent exhibition commemorating the activity of the camp and 250 thousand Jews who died here. The facility consists of the monument of a woman with child, the mound with ashes of victims, and the main building - barrack no. 43.

The museum operates since May 2012 as an official branch of the museum in Majdanek in Lublin Voivodeship, however, the first efforts to commemorate the history of this place were undertaken in the 1950s. It was then when the monument, which exists to this day, with the board containing false information about fallen Soviet soldiers were sculpted. It wasn't until recent years it was verified and changed into information about Jews executed here.

The frequent permanent exhibition "Sobibór - death camp" consists of 20 boards describing the history and living conditions of the camp. The archeological works are still carried out here.


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