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#21  Lublin
#1611  Poland

Wincenty Pol Manor

Local name: Dworek Wincentego Pola

The picturesque Manor of Wincenty Pol is nowadays the seat of the Biographical Museum of Wincenty Pol, where souvenirs related to the artist's output are presented.

The collection includes, among others things, documents of the Pol family, manuscripts, journals from the 19th and 20th centuries, correspondence and postcards, works of Juliusz Pol, antique furniture from 19th century, an unique collection of Polish-language globes, a great collection of maps and books. The perfectly preserved, original interior design is enriched by an original fireplace surrounded by two columns and a stove with a acroterion, which is made of white tiles with floral motifs.

The building in the cuboid form with a single porch is roofed with a ridge roof with shingles. A wooden lath has remained over the porch with the inscription: "Every meeting is holy, every communion is." The manor house was built in the 18th century in the Firlejowszczyzna farm and belonged to the father of Wincenty Pol. In 1969, the building has been moved to its current location.



Wincenty Pol Manor map
Kalinowszczyzna 13 Lublin, Poland