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State Museum at Majdanek

Local name: Państwowe Muzeum na Majdanku

The State Museum at Majdanek is located on the site of a former concentration camp, presenting permanent and temporary exhibitions devoted to the history of the camp and its prisoners.

The tour includes a permanent exhibition "They came to the ghetto ... They went into the unknown ..." and an artistic installation "Shrine" dedicated to nameless victims, combining sculpture, art and music.

Museum collections are both authentic objects from the Majdanek camp, as well as numerous documents, photographs, about 15,000 library volumes and contemporary artistic creation depicting the subject of the extermination camp.

Most of the museum exhibits were donated by former prisoners and their relatives. They include, among others, textiles, footwear, personal items and religious symbols, elements of camp equipment, torture tools, artistic objects produced by prisoners.

In addition to permanent and temporary exhibitions, there are also many installations in the museum that were part of the equipment at the Majdanek camp. Crematorium furnaces, gas chambers, bathhouses, barracks and administrative buildings have survived to this day, as well as watch towers. There are also memorials in the camp: Monument to Struggle and Martyrdom, Bell of Peace and 3 obelisks.


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