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Crown Tribunal

Local name: Trybunał Koronny

The historic Crown Tribunal, located in the center of the Market Square, in the place of the former town hall, today houses the Wedding Palace. In the 16th century cellars, the Lublin Tourist Route begins, a city attraction, a tour of the city's history and its legends.

Currently, the interiors used for young married couples are decorated with polychromies restored in the 90s of the last century, and in the external, triangular tympanum above the entrance one can see a reconstructed bas-relief. In the cellars that are open to the public, there used to be a torture tool called the agony. Inscriptions, probably engraved by prisoners, have been preserved on the walls.

The building of the Crown Tribunal was established in the first half of the 16th century, as the successor of the Town Hall destroyed in a fire. Initially, it served as the seat of the municipal authorities, and from 1578 at the request of King Stefan Batory, as the residence of the Crown Tribunal. The original gothic building was reconstructed several times. The first reconstruction after the fire in 1575 gave it a Renaissance shape, another one in the 17th century, transformed it into a Baroque building, and a hundred years later the building acquired classical features.