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Botanical Garden

Local name: Ogród Botaniczny

The Botanical Garden under the care of the University of Lublin is a tourist attraction for nature enthusiasts who have the opportunity to see the known one and learn new species of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. In the garden there is also a greenhouse, and after sightseeing you can relax in a cozy cafe or visit the nearby heritage park.

The university garden collection is very rich and includes over 1,600 species of trees and shrubs, 3,300 herbaceous plants and about 1,600 greenhouse plants. As many as 22 of the local species are in the Polish Red Book of Plants marked as threatened with extinction.

The complex, covering 21 ha, is divided into 13 thematic areas, among which there are, among others, a rock garden, a rosarium with a collection of 200 species of roses, a department of wetland vegetation, useful plants, tropical and subtropical plants, and several others.

The most interesting place in the garden is the Department of Ornamental Plants, whose stylization resembles a court garden with an ornamental loess gorge with natural trees, enriched with plants growing on the shoreline and the area around the pond. Noteworthy is also the Department of Biblical Plants, which grows more than 100 species listed in the Bible.



Botanical Garden map
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