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Czartoryski Palace Museum

Local name: Muzeum Czartoryskich w Puławach

The palace and park complex is the most beautiful historic building in Puławy. Inside, a magnificent Baroque hall has been preserved, as well as gothic, knight, stone, column and ball rooms. In the park surrounding the building, it is also worth visiting the Gothic House, the Temple of the Sibyls, the Chinese House, the Marynka's Palace and the Roman Gate, as well as Grottoes carved in the rocks.

Residential buildings are only a fragment of the extensive palace and park complex built from the Lubomirski funds. The period of its creation is considered to be the seventeenth century, and the baroque style perfectly reflects the image of contemporary architecture.

The rectangular plan has been equipped with corner alcoves, which have a defensive character. Destroyed during the Northern Wars, the residence was rebuilt in Rococo style by members of the Czartoryski and Sieniawski families. Interesting and extremely varied is also the very surroundings of the palace, which consists of a 30-hectare English park with a number of small recreational buildings. The upper and lower parts of the park are connected by the picturesque English Steps.

Czartoryski Palace Museum map
Czartoryskich 824-100 Puławy , Poland