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Kozłówka Palace - Zamoyski Museum

Local name: Pałac w Kozłówce - Muzeum Zamoyskich

The Zamoyski Museum in Kozłówka presents the interior design and art collection, that was gathered in the palace by representatives of the Bieliński and Zamoyski families that used to leave here.

Collections from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries include authentic furniture, dishes and other elements of typical equipment. In the vicinity of the residence there is a carriage house with a collection of 19th-century carriages and travel accessories. You can also see the palace chapel, the Gallery of Art of Socialist realism and take a walk through a beautiful park.

The museum in Kozłówka is the only such facility in the Lublin region that presents the residence in all its glory. Inside, there are perfectly preserved exhibits that are presenting the interior design as it was in the times when the previous owners lived in the palace.

Visiting the palace chapel, it is worth paying attention to its architecture and decor, for which the prototype was the Royal Chapel in Versailles. On the other hand, art gallery collections are among the largest of this type in Poland, including both social realist painting, as well as sculpture and graphics.