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Hesse is located in central Germany and covers a large part of the Middle Rhine Valley. It is an area with a varied landscape, famous for its viticulture, and its largest cities are the international business center Frankfurt am Main and the spa town of Wiesbaden.

In ancient times, the Roman Empire reached Hesse. One of the settlements was in today's Frankfurt, while Limes, or the external fortifications of a powerful state, ran through the region. Its fragments that make up the UNESCO-listed Limes trail have survived to this day.

The second attraction of the country of international renown is the Middle Rhine Valley. The river is surrounded by hills, whose slopes are overgrown with vineyards. Castles can be seen on the peaks, and in the vicinity of the valley you can also see 17th and 18th century palaces.

The capital of Hesse, Wiesbaden lies at the foot of the Taunus mountains on the Rhine. The local thermal waters have been known since Roman times, and are still used in medicine and recreation centers today.

In turn, the largest and best known city of the region is Frankfurt am Main. It does not have many monuments because it was destroyed during World War II, but there are interesting museums here, and tourists also come here to see the modern business district, with one of the highest office buildings in Europe.

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  • Roman Fort Saalburg
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    Roman Fort Saalburg

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  • Reduit
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