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Goethe Museum

Local name: Goethe-Museum

Goethe's house is located downtown and in the years 1733-1795 belonged to the artist's family. The interior of the building impresses with its original furnishings and epoch-making works of art that allow you to feel what the life of a wealthy inhabitant of Frankfurt in the 18th century looked like. One of the unique items is the desk of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, at which he created his early works incl. 'Suffering of young Werter' and conducted research for 'Faust'.

After the Goethe family left the house, the building had several owners in turn. In the second half In the 19th century, the property was acquired by geologist Otto Volger. He decided to recreate the appearance of the house from the time of Goethe. During the Allied bombing of 1944, the house was destroyed, but in 1951 it was restored.

An anecdote says that a real Frankfurt resident is not interested in visiting Goethe's house. As proof, the dying prayer on the deathbed by the dying Frankfurter is cited: 'Good God! Let me live - I'll even go to Goethe's house '.


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