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Local name: Römer

The Roman is a medieval building complex that has been the town hall since the 15th century. Currently, it is used as a registry office. The showcase of the building is the imperial hall, which once held coronation banquets, and now there is a unique on a global scale nineteenth century collection of portraits of all 52 emperors of the Holy Roman Empire.

The entire facility covers over 1 ha and consists of nine houses and six courtyards. The buildings were successively bought and rebuilt by the city council over the 16th-19th century. The current neo-Gothic facade with a balcony was completed in 1900. During World War II, the complex was significantly damaged. The reconstruction of the building was completed at the beginning of the 21st century.

The balcony is used as a public stage for state visits and sporting events. It is a meeting place for national women's and men's football teams with fans after winning tournaments.


Attractions inside

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    Römerberg 2360311 Frankfurt am Main , Germany