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Cathedral of St. Bartholomew

Local name: Kaiserdom St. Bartholomäus

St. Patrick's Cathedral Bartholomew is the largest and oldest religious building in Frankfurt am Main. The history of its creation dates back to the time of Merovingians. From the 13th century, the relics of St. Bartholomew the Apostle. The cathedral will delight lovers of sacred art and Gothic architecture of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. The symbol of the object is the church tower, which rises to a height of 95 meters.

The current cathedral is the fifth temple existing in this place. During the reign of Merovingians, the building served as a palace chapel. During the Carolingian era two churches were erected, including one dedicated to the Holy Salvator. The last expansion of the cathedral ended in the fourteenth century, however, bombings during World War II significantly destroyed it. The reconstruction of the facility lasted until 2010.

From the fourteenth century, the temple was the site of the election of the German king, while from the sixteenth century, the coronations of emperors took place. The building is one of the seven imperial cathedrals.

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