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Historical Museum

Local name: Historisches Museum Frankfurt

The Historical Museum was founded in 1878 and is the oldest city museum in Frankfurt. A unique set of historic buildings invites you to discover the city and its history, beginning from medieval times and ending in modern times. Visiting is enhanced by prepared multimedia presentations and interactive installations. The pride of the collection is a mock-up of the Old Town by the Treuner brothers showing its condition from before the bombings in March 1944.

The museum boasts unique exhibits, such as the coronation insignia, or the 16th-century altar of St. Anna from the Dominican church

From the second half In the 20th century, the museum is housed in the Saalhof palace complex, which includes Romanesque, late medieval and baroque buildings. In the years 2002–2008 these historic buildings were renovated and some of them, such as the retirement tower, were made available to the public for the first time. Currently, the headquarters of the museum is completed by a modern building commissioned in 2017.


Attractions inside

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    Saalhof 160311 Frankfurt am Main , Germany