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Wiesbaden is the capital of Hesse and one of the most important German spas. The local hot mineral springs have been known since Roman times, and the heart of the city is the spa park with the Spa House, the Kurhaus.

Already in Roman times, where Wiesbaden is located, there was a settlement known for its warm springs. There were baths here, and fragments of the Roman wall, the Pagan Wall with the Roman Gate and the Roman Theater have survived to this day. The real heyday of the spa, however, took place only in the 18th and 19th centuries, when being "by the water" became fashionable throughout Europe.

Wiesbaden's main attraction is the spa park with its classicist Kurhaus. It is a combination of a walking hall, concert hall, library and casino. Extending over 120 m, the Colonnade of the Spa House is hidden by the Spa Theater, which has been operating since 1894. There are also resorts with thermal pools, saunas and spa complexes in the city. The largest of these is Kaiser-Friedrich-Therme.

In addition to the spa area, Wiesbaden offers visitors the opportunity to visit interesting sights from different eras. In the city center rises the neo-Gothic Church in Wiesbaden's Market Square, whose towers are a good landmark in the city. In the vicinity is the City Palace of Wiesbaden with its 19th century interiors.

Wiesbaden is a city that stretches from the Rhine to the low hills and is divided into several areas, each with something interesting to offer. Wiesbaden's castles and palaces are popular attractions. The most important of them include the Biebrich Castle, which was formerly owned by the Dukes of Nassau, surrounded by a chateau park, Freudenberg Castle turned into a nature education center, and the ruins of Mos Castle.

The best panoramas of Wiesbaden can be seen from the Neroberg hill. At its top there is a stylized Roman Temple of Neroberg. There is also a lion's terrace and a summer amphitheater. You can reach the top with the historic Neroberg railway or take one of the many walking paths.

Wiesbaden is also full of attractions for family spending. These include the Fasaneri Animal and Plant Park, the Mainz-Kastel Zoo and the Neroberg Climbing Forest. When visiting the Spa Park, you can rent a boat and go for a ride on the pond.

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